About Us

About Us

We are a dynamically developing company with a team of experienced and enthusiastic experts in the field of IT services, who specialize in designing and building IT networks. The acquired experience is proved by numerous certificates gained by our specialists and a reference list with the implemented IT systems. We offer our customers advanced and comprehensive solutions of the highest quality, along with a full package of maintenance services and technical support.

We improve and implement network IT solutions that ensure smooth operation of business processes in the enterprises and institutions that use our services in the country and abroad. We guarantee the highest efficiency, reliability and safety of our solutions. The elements that distinguish us on the ICT market include individual approach to cooperation with each customer as well as high and unique qualifications.

The following certificates make us stand out:
Gold Cisco Partner
The highest partnership status granted by a reputable producer of IT solutions.
ATD Acredited Tier Designer

Certificate issued by the Uptime Institute guarantees compliance with TIER standards in the scope of design and construction of server rooms.

We specialize in comprehensive provision of network IT services.


We implement:

  • WLAN wireless network systems;
  • LAN/WAN systems and solutions;
  • server systems with virtualization;
  • IT security solutions;
  • IT audits and services of IT Monitoring Centre;
  • mass storage systems;
  • VoIP systems, collaboration systems, modern communication systems;
  • cabling systems and reliable power supply systems;
  • precise air-conditioning systems and server-room equipment systems;

We implement:

Wireless networks

Currently the most popular method of access to the digital world.

  • Classic solutions based on independent access points, advanced solutions using a wireless network controller.
  • Wireless cloud-managed network solutions, based mainly on Meraki products.
  • Mesh – Wi-Fi network available on large areas (open areas).

LAN/WAN networks
LAN network is intended for a smaller area (e.g. network in a building); connections are based on structured cabling or radio communication. WAN (Wide Area Network) is a very large network; data are exchange between multiple LANs and users in very distant geographic locations.

SAN network
Infrastructure dedicated to handling large amounts of data.

VoIP Systems

  • Collaboration systems – modern systems for communication, conferences, video-conferences, exchange of information and group work.
  • VoIP solutions offering the possibility to communicate with people regardless of location or technological limitations. VoIP can be implemented in any type of business, in all organizational models and in any configuration.

WEBEX, SPARK and UC solutions.
Security of data and IT systems – ICT systems have 3 key areas that should be particularly protected: network edge – a critical point of contact between the enterprise network and the Internet; electronic mail and websites, leak of sensitive data, and user authentication.

Servers – specialized computers installed in data centers that provide computing and data processing services for devices and users connected to the network.

Matrices – devices that increase the availability of data while reducing the risk of failure and loss of information.

Virtualization – enables creation and operation of several autonomous IT environments on one dedicated server.

Automation – specialized IT systems support IT administrators and facilitate the control and monitoring of Data Centre infrastructure. Appropriately selected software will ensure an effective cooperation between individual units and provide information to the administrator.

Low-current systems – structured cabling systems, i.e. physical connections of ICT network, and physical security systems providing protection against unauthorized access.
Guaranteed power supply systems – ensure continuity and high quality of electrical power supply.

Server rooms – comprehensive contracting services, including design, construction, conversion and servicing of physical infrastructure of server rooms.

IT Monitoring Centre – continuous, 24/7 IT monitoring enables immediate response to any irregularities in the operation of IT infrastructure of our customers.

Services – the offer is complemented by a full range of design and implementation services, as well as after-sales service extended by maintenance support and consulting.