WEBEX solutions

WEBEX solutions

Run your business remotely and globally. Move meetings or even whole conferences into the virtual world. The quality of the WebEx solution will make you feel like you were in a real meeting. Ready profiles for preparing meetings, organizing events (also an option for sign up) or training sessions (additional possibility of attaching tests for participants).


How does it work?

Step 1: You install the application.

Step 2: You invite participants to the meeting in a “conference room” by e-mail using a link.

Step 3: When the invited person clicks the link, the application automatically makes the meeting available.

Step 4: You can talk to the participants and see them. It is possible to use chat, submit corrections and comments to the presented content,

as well as to exchange files and other materials related to the meeting.



For whom?

The WebEx solution is used usually by:

  • project teams,
  • managers of distributed teams,
  • online customer service
  • creators of webinars,
  • coaches, trainers,
  • organizers of meetings,
  • participants using cloud platforms,
  • users of data centre systems,
  • remote support (helpdesk),
  • supply chain coordinators.


Application sectors:

  1. Education.
  2. Financial services.
  3. State institutions.
  4. Production sector.
  5. Other enterprises.



  1. Minimization of travel and infrastructure costs.
  2. Connection security.
  3. Intuitiveness
  4. An attractive, modern form of meetings and presentations.
  5. Possibility of sharing voice, video and other materials in high quality.
  6. Scalability of the solution – adaptation to individual needs of the users as part of ready, proven solutions.
  7. Capability of recording, streaming and hosting a conference in the cloud.
  8. In practice, the number of participants in unlimited
  9. Interoperation and compatibility with smartphones, tablets, as well as mobile and desktop computers.
  10. The possibility of assigning a wide range of permissions.