Server systems are specialized computers installed in data centers that provide computing and data processing services for devices and users connected to the network. These must be reliable devices with a very high quality of operation. They require safe power supply as well as reliable air conditioning and ventilation.


How does it work?

Step 1 Examining your needs and specifications.
Step 2 Creating a design of data centre solution using servers of highest quality.
Step 3 Installation and implementation, along with the power supply and air conditioning solutions.
Step 4 Testing the correctness of operation and making corrections if required.
Step 5 Your servers, as the centre of the entire system, operate efficiently, effectively and without failures.





For whom?

Servers are necessary when new services/applications are being implemented according to the needs of the organization. These may include:

  • accounting systems,
  • CRM systems,
  • ERP (commercial) systems,
  • database systems,
  • production management systems and/or physical security management systems (CCTV and access control systems),
  • electronic mail systems,
  • document flow systems,
  • data archiving systems,
  • research systems for the scientific centers.


Application sectors:

  1. Finance sector.
  2. Education.
  3. Medical facilities.
  4. Production sector.
  5. Offices.
  6. Scientific institutions.



  1. More efficient use of IT resources.
  2. Solutions based on the knowledge and long-term experience of Q4Net’s experts.
  3. Higher security of your system and data.

Enabling an efficient implementation of new services, resulting from the organization’s needs.