Security of data and IT systems

Security of data and IT systems

ICT systems have three key areas that should be particularly protected:

  • the network edge – i.e. a sensitive point of contact between a corporate network and the Internet. The best solution is to install NGFW (Next Generation Firewall). It should be complemented with IPS/IDS systems for detecting and preventing intrusions.
  • e-mail, websites, leak of sensitive data – real-time protection that can block malicious software, scripts and spam is required. The systems offered by us are capable to scan and neutralize the threat before it reaches the end user. An additional problem of the modern world is leak of sensitive data, protection against which is provided by DLP (Data Loss Prevention) systems.
  • user authentication – confirmation of the identity of the users who want to use corporate network resources, regardless of their location, IP address or type of device, from which they connect.






How does it work?

Step 1 We check your needs and expectations.

Step 2 We verify the technical needs and capabilities in the scope of infrastructure.

Step 3 We select the optimal system and solutions.

Step 4 Installation, configuration and implementation of the solution.

Step 5 We test the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation and make corrections if required.

Step 6 Your ICT systems are fully secure.


For whom?

The protections are intended for:

  • employees in a company or organization; access to data in wired and wireless networks,
  • customers of your company or organization using your wired and wireless networks,
  • data centers, server rooms, etc.,
  • connecting tablets and smartphones,
  • other users of Internet resources who want to protect their data.


Application sectors:

  1. Finance sector.
  2. Education.
  3. Medical facilities.
  4. Production sector.
  5. Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops.
  6. Offices.
  7. Administrators of residential buildings.



  1. Full security of your ICT systems based on advanced knowledge and experience
  2. implementation of the NGFW system allows reducing redundant traffic in the network and provides knowledge about the current security level.
  3. Transparent reports will enable quick identification of the potential threat and its causes.
  4. The implemented security system provides protection against threats that have not been known so far.
  5. Control over external threats and against data leak from the inside.

Q4Net will propose and implement together with you the security policysystem auditdesign and configuration of the security system, and will also advise how to select the best solutions and use other tools to improve the functioning of the entire system.