Video conferencing systems

Video conferencing systems

Video conferencing systems enable multi-medium, interactive communication between many participants, without geographical limits, which results in an improvement in various types of processes.



How does it work?

Step 1: The customer completes a survey with important information necessary in the implementation and configuration processes,

Step 2: Based on the data provided in the survey, the customer’s real IT environment is reproduced,

Step 3: Creating the system configuration in the format of the configuration program and saving it as a file,

Step 4: Performing tests checking the correctness of operation of the system and making corrections if required,

Step 5: Submitting to the customer the ready configuration program which is easy to install and use,

Step 6: video conferencing system works in an automated way – greater comfort and security of operation.

For whom?

Video conferencing systems constitute a perfect solution for:

  • Companies with dispersed locations
  • project teams that require frequent contacts
  • organizers of meetings and training sessions
  • creators of web conferences
  • teamwork
  • companies with smaller work spaces


Application sectors:

  1. Education.
  2. Financial services.
  3. State institutions.
  4. Production sector.
  5. Other enterprises.



  1. Minimization of travel and infrastructure costs.
  2. Savings of time of travelling
  3. Connection security.
  4. High standard of communication in the company
  5. Quick access to information
  6. Instant decision making
  7. It is possible to participate in several meetings without leaving the company
  8. Increased team efficiency, easy sharing of content
  9. Easier coordination of meetings