LAN/WAN networks

LAN/WAN networks

Access to modern and innovative information and communication services is now a necessary condition for operation of every company. Our experts will select the right solution, taking into account your needs, expectations and possibilities. Safe, effective and stable.

LAN (Local Area Network) is intended for a smaller area (e.g. a company network, a network in a building, or for connection of some buildings located close to each other). It enables connections based on structured cabling or radio communication.
WAN (Wide Area Network) is a very large network that goes beyond the borders of a city, a country or even a continent. It is used in large corporations, campuses and in the Internet. It enables exchange of data between many LAN networks and users in very remote geographical locations.

How does it work?
Step 1 Interview on your needs and expectations.
Step 2 Check of the technical capabilities and an audit of the infrastructure.
Step 3 Selection of the optimal solution (LAN, WAN/LAN).
Step 4 Installation and configuration of devices, implementation of the solution.
Step 5 Performance tests, adjustments and optimization.
Step 6 Your network works without any problems.

For whom?

  • for those who want have access to modern and innovative information and communication services in a given location, company or organization,
  • for those who wish to streamline and modernize existing solutions,
  • for companies expanding their operations on other territories.

Application sectors:

  • Finance.
  • Education.
  • Medical facilities.
  • Production.
  • Construction.
  • Tourism.
  • Hotels, restaurants, cafés.
  • Offices.



  • WAN network connects devices distributed over a very large area,
  • professional information and communication services regardless of the size and location of your company,
  • Q4Net offers professional consulting in the scope of selection of appropriate devices, their installation, configuration and effective operation.