Security systems

Security systems

Physical protection systems – no physical factors will pose a threat to your ICT systems any more

ICT systems should be protected on the network level, but we must also remember about the real threats associated with a theft or physical factors such as fire and water. The extent of losses in such cases is comparable or greater than that during an attack through the network. The scope of physical protection includes access control which is usually based on proximity cards or biometric data. Intrusion and hold-up alarm systems as well as video monitoring systems (CCTV) are also required. It is worth to remember about a fire alarm system and fixed extinguishing devices. The optimal solution is to integrate the aforementioned systems into one security centre that is operated and managed in an efficient way.

How does it work?

Step 1 We check and verify your needs and the acceptable level of risk and protections.
Step 2 We select the optimal solution – a completely new one or based on upgrade of the existing solutions.
Step 3 We deliver, install and implement the integrated solution.
Step 4 We check the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation and make corrections if required.
Step 5 Your IT systems are fully secure.


For whom?

In practice, physical protections are useful for almost all companies for the following purposes:

  • physical protection of premises, equipment, data, etc. against burglary,
  • quick reaction to unforeseen factors, such as fire or water,
  • formal issues, e.g. insurance and evidence.


Application sectors:

  1. Finance sector
  2. Education
  3. Medical facilities
  4. Production sector
  5. Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops.
  6. Offices.



  1. A positive signal for customers regarding high standards of protections in your company.
  2. Integration of all physical protections into one efficient whole.
  3. Possibility of remote management
  4. Full physical security of your ICT systems based on advanced knowledge and experience
  5. Q4Net will propose and implement together with you the security policysystem audit, as well as design and configuration of the security system. We will also provide you advise concerning the selection of the best solutions and the use of other tools to improve the functioning of the entire security system.