Power supply systems

Power supply systems

Power supply systems are an essential element of all computer networks and control systems. Continuity and high quality of electrical power supply provide a basis for stable functioning of any organization. Guaranteed power supply systems are based primarily on power generators and uninterruptible power supplies. We design and carry out power supply and distribution systems.


How does it work?

Step 1 Verification of demand and capabilities in the scope of electrical power supply.
Step 2 Preparation of a design of the power supply system.
Step 3 Building the dedicated power supply system.
Step 4 Tests and verification of operation.
Step 5 Your devices are resistant to interferences and malfunctions in the electricity grid.





For whom?

Power supply systems are necessary primarily when:

  • continuity of the production process is required,
  • there is a risk of losing important data as a result of power outages,
  • perishable goods are stored,
  • power outages may affect the safety of people, materials or valuable items,
  • continuous power supply is necessary for the life and health of patients.


Application sectors:

  1. Finance sector.
  2. Education.
  3. Medical facilities
  4. Production sector.
  5. Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops.
  6. Food sector.
  7. Offices.



  1. Full security of your data.
  2. Protection of devices against disturbances or failures in the power grid.

No downtimes at work of your staff and equipment resulting from a lack of electrical power.