IT security

Bezpieczeństwo IT

IT security

Wide access to the network, IoT equipment, mobile devices and cloud computing mean that we must protect the organization everywhere and at any time. IT teams find it increasingly difficult to achieve the LAN / WAN transparency from the CORE layer to end users, the transparency they need to secure critical business assets. Therefore, it is more and more important to design built-in security into every element of the organization’s business environment.

Integrated security solutions and IT infrastructure work seamlessly together to:
  • Prevent cyber threats from the DNS layer to email to the endpoint
  • Secure network access for users, from any device, from anywhere, at any time
  • Gain network visibility and rapid threat detection to secure service availability
  • Automate access control and enforce security policies, minimizing downtime due to loss of network control
  • Protect data and traffic from the data center to the wide area network and to the single user

We believe in an approach based on a planned Security Architecture that is built into all network elements. We design the client’s environment so that security is integrated throughout the entire network, data center, cloud, Internet, e-mail and endpoints. Cyber-threats constantly evolve and our clients’ organizations must be ready to use the latest technologies to protect the network against attacks. As part of our services, we provide a comprehensive offer of modern solutions and services in the field of security.

The Q4Net offer includes such elements of the Security Architecture as:
  • Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Visibility and segmentation of LAN / WAN networks
  • Safe access for users
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Endpoint Security (Antivirus, Antimalware)
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Email security
  • Identity and access management
  • Cisco Gold
  • palo alto

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