Servers and storage

Serwery i macierze

Servers and storage

Design and construction of server rooms

Servers and storage

Our portfolio includes consulting and implementations related to automation, scaling and optimization of data center performance (Data Center). The ability of the IT department to securely deliver business applications and services is critical to the business continuity of any organization. It’s no longer as simple as combining computing power, storage, and networking. Innovations in the field of automation, defined software, hybrid cloud management and machine learning are causing the continuous growth of the importance of the data center with an increasing emphasis on reliability and scalability.

Our engineers will help transform your data center (DC) by automating processes and optimizing operations, while lowering costs and increasing scalability. We offer a full package of solutions for Data Center and professional consulting services in the field of strategy, planning, design, implementation and ongoing management, including:
  • Unified Computing
  • Hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Resource virtualization
  • Networks for data centers
  • Mass memory
  • Data protection
  • Application Oriented Infrastructure (ACI)
  • Workload optimization and automation
  • Cisco Gold
  • dell
  • huawei
  • VMware
  • IBM

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