Wireless networks

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Wireless networks

We design safe and scalable solutions for manufacturing companies, financial institutions, and state administration in the field of wireless communication (WiFi). The wireless networks we implement are created with the digital world in mind - ensuring safe and free access to network resources, applications and data for authenticated users.

In our implementations, we use the latest technologies, such as Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and 802.11ac Wave 2, to ensure:
  • Increased mobility and collaboration
  • Increased productivity (we minimize downtime)
  • Improved user service and service reliability
  • Simplified administration and management
  • High security

Wireless solutions provided by Q4Net are tailored to the needs of organizations of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises. Our engineers have extensive knowledge of wireless networks, industry best practices and problems faced by our clients in various environments.

We offer a full range of mobile solutions and professional services in the field of strategy, planning, design, implementation and ongoing management of WiFi networks, including:
  • Measurements of radio wave propagation in wireless networks
  • Strategy, design and implementation of wireless LAN networks
  • Cloud managed wireless network
  • Outdoor connections (Wireless Mesh), mesh networks
  • Location services
  • Wireless Security (Cisco ISE)
  • BYOD strategies - bring your own device
  • Access to the guest network
  • RF optimization and problem solving
  • Cisco Gold
  • cisco meraki

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