LAN / WAN / IoT networks

Sieci LAN / WAN

LAN / WAN / IoT networks

The development of modern information technologies has made LAN and WAN networks as well as the Internet of Things IoT infrastructure an inseparable element of every modern business. Q4Net provides safe and reliable LAN, WAN and IoT networks for companies and institutions.

The company’s network infrastructure constantly evolves - it is driven by the enterprises’ need to build and implement tasks set by business. In the era of the growing importance of remote work, direct connections with clients via the Internet, in the face of the rapidly growing number of mobile devices used, the continuous development of IoT devices and the spread of applications in the cloud, the LAN / WAN network is more
important than ever before!

Q4Net is a professional advisor who translates business requirements into our clients’ network infrastructure. We use the latest network technologies to securely connect any user and any device with any application running anywhere in the world. Starting with campus, branch, wide area network (WAN) and data center, we provide a wide range
of network solutions and professional services in terms of strategy, planning, design, implementation, configuration and service.

Our solutions include:
  • switching and network management in the L2 / L3 layers for the core (Core), distribution (Distribution) and access (Access) segments,
  •  switching and management in the Data Center,
  •  software-defined access (SD-Access),
  •  software-defined WAN (SD-WAN),
  •  wireless networks (Wi-Fi).

Designing LAN / WAN networks
Q4Net offers professional design of LAN / WAN networks dedicated to the largest businesses and institutional customers. In our projects, we use physical LAN computer networks as well as virtual VLAN solutions. We implement the latest data technologies - radio and fiber optics - thanks to which our networks always remain highly efficient.

We use innovative network devices with the possibility of remote management to build local LANs and wide area networks (WANs). Switches and routers do not require a physical visit of a service technician when configuration changes are required, thanks to which you as a customer gain the ability to quickly introduce changes to your IT infrastructure. We also guarantee an ongoing supervision over the operation and expansion of the network.

Designing modern IoT networks
As one of the pioneers on the Polish market, we offer the design of modern IoT networks for companies and institutions. Services in the area of planning, implementation and maintenance of the Internet of Things infrastructure enable the construction of a network of sensors or building automation operating in synergy with the existing LAN and Wi-Fi networks. We provide a professional, holistic approach to designing network solutions for the Internet of Things.

Local Area Networks (LANs) vs Wide Area Networks (WANs)
Q4Net designs both wide area networks (WAN) and local area LANs. The first of these solution is the infrastructure dedicated to office and industrial facilities, as well as all kinds of hotels, restaurants and service premises. In our projects, we care for both reliable connections using Ethernet and high performance of Wi-Fi networks. We use professional LAN and SD-LAN solutions.

The wide area networks (WAN and SD-WAN) we design are an infrastructure designed for the implementation of reliable data transmission between distant locations. WAN networks are used in the service of industrial facilities with many plants, nationwide retail chains, hospitals and clinics as well as public administration units. We provide WAN solutions that are easy to manage and expand.

Reliable LAN and WAN networks with Q4Net
Many years of experience and the constantly improved qualifications of our engineers and IT administrators mean that Q4Net can take on the most demanding IT projects. At each stage of the cooperation, we care about the security, efficiency and reliability of the network. If you are looking for professional support in building a modern IT infrastructure, contact us and choose reliable LAN and WAN networks with Q4Net! We provide comprehensive support in the implementation and management of network systems.

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